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Top Pest Control Safety Tips For Your Home

pest control in Boca Raton FLNo matter how tidy your home is, chances are that you will have to deal with household pests at some point. Although most are isolated incidents, rodents and insect infestations can potentially cause serious damage to your home. And if you believe that’s a concern only for those who own older homes, think again. An estimated 15% of all new homes have serious structural damages and defects, which may include damage from termites and other pests.

Not only can these pests wreak serious havoc on your home, but they can also carry pathogens that could hurt your family. Mice and roaches can transfer harmful bacteria to those you care about.

If you find you need a rodent control plan or require termite infestation control, your best bet is to contact us. We’re one of the best companies specializing in pest control in Boca Raton FL. However, many homeowners often want to try handling the problem themselves before calling an exterminator. Because these chemicals can be dangerous, you need to follow all safety precautions when eliminating household pests. If you’re looking for some household pest control tips for safety, here are the ones we recommend:

Try Preventative Methods First

  • Remove all exposed food and water
  • Dispose of garbage
  • Seal containers for food and waste
  • De-clutter area and eliminate sheltered areas
  • Fix hygienic issues like leaky pipes, clogged drains, exposed holes

Use Pesticides Safely

  • Keep kids and pets away
  • Use low risk or targeted pesticides
  • Read and follow all safety warnings
  • Use only chemicals that are approved for home use

Hire an Expert

  • Identify and correct source of problem
  • Write down the EPA regulation number
  • Ask for chemical information

Although it’s possible to implement household pest control methods yourself, you may not realize how widespread the issue may be. In addition, using these chemicals yourself could be dangerous for you or your family if not done correctly. That’s why you should hire a qualified pest control service to handle rodent, termite, roach, or other pest infestations. We’ve been proven to be one of the finest companies for pest control in Boca Raton FL. Our experts can evaluate the extent of the problem and treat it accordingly — all while ensuring that both your home and family are safe. Don’t wait for a small issue to become a huge problem. If you require Boca Raton pest control, call us immediately to get started.

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