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Vault Fumigation

Drywood termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year. In our area many homeowners have wooden tables, chairs, wall units, cabinets, picture frames, and doors that become infested with these termites. These insects live within these items and damage them by their tunneling and consuming their wood. When termite colonies mature, winged male and female termites (alates) leave the wood and swarm. They shed their wings, pair up and find another suitable place within your home … READ MORE

Bed Bugs

Just about everyone is aware of the current world wide bed bug epidemic.  But what options are available to homeowners to combat the problem.  IPM, Inc. offers the following bed bug control services: 1. Inspections to ensure your home is bed bug free: This involves a two (2) day visit to your home and takes about 15 minutes per room to complete. Beds and sofas are inspected and monitoring devices that encourage bugs to leave their hiding places and be … READ MORE

Ficus & Spiraling Whitefly Control

  BIOTYPE Q WHITEFLY There are more than 60 species of whitefly in Florida. This memo references Besmisia tabaci Biotype Q which was recently reported by the Palm Beach Post to be a new pest infesting residential properties in Palm Beach County. The whitefly Besmisia tabaci also known at the sweetpotato whitefly was first reported in Florida in 1889. Over the past 30 years, agricultural losses have increased worldwide due to the distribution of new and more virulent biotypes of … READ MORE

Palm, Tree & Flower Treatments

Palms are the most expensive plants in our landscape and IPM’s fertilization and pest control treatments are designed to help keep your investment thriving.  Dollar for dollar, fertilization will do more to improve the health of your palms than any other treatment. IPM understands that to fertilize palms efficiently, one must have an understanding of how their roots grow. Roots initiate at the trunk and grow outward until they extend just beyond the palm’s canopy.  Although those located adjacent to … READ MORE

Lawn & Ornamental Programs

IPM’s annual lawn and ornamental pest control program includes insect, disease and weed control.  Fertilization services are also available.  Our treatments are based on sound agronomic and entom- ological principles and information supplied by sources such as the University of Florida and their Ft. Lauderdale Research Facility.  Since many of our clients are concerned with pesticide use on their property we perform monthly inspections to catch pest outbreaks as early as possible.  Early problem detection allows pesticides use to be … READ MORE

Termite Control in Delray Beach

During the past 15 years the pest control industry has made great process in termite control due to an  increase in regulations, better equipment and the development of baits and non repellent termiticides.  Our company has adopted these new service approaches and evolved with the industry. We offer both  subterranean and drywood termite control programs utilizing “No Tent” treatments, baiting systems,  termidor & borate applications. Vault Fumigation: Owners with furniture infested with termites, wood boring insects or bedbugs can have … READ MORE

Rodent Control

Just about anyone can find themselves with a rodent problem in their home. Infestations frequently occur by the way of the vent pipes which connect the sewer to the roof. Rats can travel through these pipes and emerge onto the roof top. Once there, they explore the surroundings area for food and ways to access your home. They can enter through openings as small as one half inch. It is much easier to control rodents on the outside of your … READ MORE

General Household Pest Control

Interior Pest Control Our pest control interior programs are designed to control existing and prevent future infestations of ants, roaches, spiders and other insect pests from invading your home. Since most of our customers are concerned about the effects of pesticides on the health and safety of their family members and pets, IPM applies chemicals only when and where needed. There is neither broadcasting of liquid chemicals inside your home nor chemical drift or residues to inhale or to settle … READ MORE