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Rodent Problems

Just about anyone can find themselves with a rodent problem in their home.  Infestations frequently occur by way of the vent pipes which connect the sewer to the roof.  Rats can travel through these pipes and emerge onto the roof top.   Once there they explore the surroundings area for food and ways to access your home.  They can enter through openings as small as one half inch.  It is much easier to control rodents on the outside of your home rather than within it.

IPM, Inc. offers the following rodent control programs:

*Baiting in tamper resistant bait stations:  to control the rodent population on your property to reduce the chances of interior infestations from developing.

*Trapping:  to eliminate rats/mice that are within your home.

*Sanitization:  the droppings and urine from rats and mice contaminate attics.  We use a hospital grade sterilizer to disinfect and deodorize infested areas.  We then take a HEPA grade vacuum and remove all feces and food particles left by the rodents.

*Exclusion:  identify and seal cracks and openings that allow rodents entry into your home.  The use of rodent “gnawproof” material will exclude both rats and mice.

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