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Planting Tip:Plumbagos

Plumbagos are evergreen shrubs known for their prolific light blue flowers. Althouth they are becoming one of the most widely used flowering shrubs in Palm Beach County, they are high maintenance and short lived (3-5 years).

Plumbagos do not like our hot, rainy weather and typically have yellowing leaves, loss of flowers and a weedy look toward the end of summer. They also decline from being over watered and are subject to attack by insects and diseases. Their interior canopy which is twiggy and devoid of leaves make them sensitive to pruning. It is not uncommon for mature plants to dieback and not recover after  being pruned. This is especially true when they are placed in a tier landscape design where they must be kept to a certain height and width.

It is our recommendation that their use be limited to areas where they do not have to maintained as a sheared hedge. Unless you are willing to replace these plants every few years, as existing ones decline they should be replaced with another plant species.

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