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Keep Your Palm Trees Growing in Florida Weather

Many of the palms we have in our yards are not native to Florida.  Queen palms originate from Brazil, arecas from Madagascar and adonidias are from the Philippines.  In order for them to thrive in our hot, rainy climate and sandy, nutrient-poor soil they must be frequently fertilized.  Since palms grow their fastest during the summer months, a good time to fertilize them is in late Spring.  This will ensure the nutrients they need are available to them prior to their growth spurt.  Because different species of palms have different nutrient requirements a standard “palm special” fertilizer sold in stores will not be sufficient to cure a palm that is showing symptoms of a nutrient deficiency.  Supplemental nutrients will have to be applied.  Please call us at 278-9071 if you would like a recommendation on how you should fertilize your palms or if you would like us to perform this service for you.

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