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Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, although important, represents only a single component of what is required to have a beautiful yard. Choosing the right plant for the right location and knowing how to fertilize, prune and irrigate such material is also required to produce such a landscape.

Many homeowners employ small sized companies to maintain their yards. Although they may do a very good job of mowing and weeding, few are schooled or licensed as arborists, irrigation contractors or turfgrass managers. As such, plant material declines sooner than expected and the property never reaches the owner’s expectations.

IPM is licensed in all categories of pest control. Our lawn & ornamental division protects your landscaping from damaging insects and diseases. Any plants, including sod, that die from insect damage are replaced free of charge. We also offer fertilization and weed control programs. Although we do not sell plants, prune trees or repair sprinklers, we have certified arborists, licensed irrigation contractors and people with advanced horticultural degrees on our staff. Our knowledge and expertise in these areas allow us to do more than control pests. We provide you with the consulting you need to have a yard that will increase the value of your property.

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