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Hiring a Pest Control Service

There are numerous companies offering pest control services in our area. So how do customers know how to select the best one for their needs? And as President of one of these companies how do I distinguish us from the rest of the pack?

We all drive the same vehicles, use the same equipment, and purchase the same chemicals. The larger firms advertise on TV, while most of us have websites, advertise in the yellow pages and do direct mailings. We are all licensed and insured.

The pest control industry undergoes constant change in new technologies and service practices, and keeping abreast of this change is essential. But customers are not concerned with the details of what we do. Their concern is that their pest problem is resolved quickly, safely and economically.

I believe what separates companies is the respect their technicians have for their customers and the pest control profession. This is a reflection of the company’s commitment to employee training. I am particularly proud of our company’s training program and contribute our low employee turnover rate to it. But a technician’s conscientiousness in the performance of his duties or his passion for his work cannot be marketed by advertising. It takes word of mouth from another customer to let you know if the company you wish to hire can resolve your pest issues to your satisfaction.

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