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Get Ready: Homeowner’s Guide To Spring Termite Control

termite control serviceAccording to some estimates, over $2 billion is spent annually in the U.S. controlling or preventing termite infestations. This means that as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to be proactive about preventing termite infestations and stay vigilant in your ongoing search for termite-related damages. As springtime approaches, termites are getting ready to reemerge and settle in for the season. Here’s a quick guide to help you continue to ward off termite infestations in early spring.

Early Spring Infestation Signs
First, it’s important to know that some of main infestation signs you’ll notice in early spring appear on windowsills and indoor lights. Many homeowners assume that the flying critters they see are ants. However, if you can’t discern three separate segments of the flying insect, it’s most likely a termite. Keep a close watch on your windowsills and indoor lights for signs of a swarm. Termite swarms have four equal-sized wings, straight antennae with beaded ends, and wide bodies.

Other Infestation Signs
Just because you don’t notice these major signs doesn’t mean you don’t have an infestation, so you can’t rest easy yet. You should also be aware of the less noticeable and less common signs of termite swarms and damages. These can take many forms. Mud tubes, for example, may form on your home’s exterior and serve as shelter for termites. If there’s any soft wood around your home that feels hollow when it’s tapped, you could be dealing with an infestation. Other signs include cracked or bubbling paint, darkening and/or blistering of other wooden structures, and general damages around the outside of the home, such as deck damage, fence damage, or porch, patio, or deck damage.

You Notice These Signs…Now What?
Typically, professional termite control services can provide the best insight and solutions regarding termite control options. But eliminating moisture around your home can also help remove the infestation. Most importantly, prioritizing professional home inspections can help to give you peace of mind as a homeowner that your home is safe and protected.

Ultimately, 20% of homeowners surveyed said termites were their main pest concern. Understanding how to handle termites in spring is the key to protecting your home’s comfort and structural integrity. For more information about termite control services in Boca Raton, contact Pest Control IPM.

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