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Debunking Majorly Misleading Mice-Control Myths: Part 2

household pest control tipsIn the last post, we discussed several misconceptions about rodent control options — specifically, mice. However, being able to handle a mouse infestation requires homeowners to understand which methods will and will not be effective at removing mice from your home. Here are some more mice-control myths that need addressing.

“Mice don’t have wings; therefore they cannot reach high places.”
Many homeowners are quick to assume that mice can’t reach high places. While it’s obviously true that they don’t have wings (unless they broke into your hidden stash of Red Bull), mice can easily scale walls, enter pipes and plumbing, and reach other areas that seem to defy gravity. The bottom line is that these shape shifter-like creatures can access almost any part of your home that they want.

“My pet can work as my exterminator and get rid of my home’s mouse problem.”
In an ideal world, this would be the case, although it may eventually put¬†real¬†exterminators out of business. In reality, however, most cats and dogs simply don’t have the ability to attack and kill each and every mouse in your home because they won’t be able to find them. As mentioned earlier, mice can creep into even the tiniest nooks and crannies, and your pets just won’t be able to follow once the rodents retreat. Another common issue is that many cats and dogs won’t kill a mouse completely; they’ll bat it around and use it as a toy, partially eat it, and then regurgitate its remains all over your brand new carpet. Yuck!

“Mice infestations don’t pose serious health risks.”
This is another outrageous myth, and it’s entirely untrue. About 20% of homeowners surveyed said termites were their main pest concern, but mice infestations can come with serious health concerns as well. Mice are often carriers of potentially fatal diseases, including Salmonella, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and the Plague. That’s why it’s always best to know effective household pest control tips and deal with any infestations as soon as they occur.

“Mice only feed at night.”
This is completely false. Mice feed all throughout the day and night — in fact, they can feed up to 20 times each day.

Ultimately, familiarizing yourself with these common mouse misconceptions is the best way to equip yourself with the knowledge to properly handle any infestation. For more information about household pest control tips, contact Pest Control IPM.

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