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Debunking 4 Common Myths About The Termite Control Process

termite control processWhen it comes to termite control for homeowners, many people assume that they know everything there is to know about these annoying pests. However, there are still a surprising number of misconceptions about termite infestation control, and not knowing how to deal with termites can cause them to wreak havoc in your home in the event of an infestation. Here are some common myths about the termite control process.

  1. Myth: Brick homes are not susceptible to termite infestations.
    It would be nice if this were true, but it’s actually a major misconception. And while termites don’t eat brick or concrete, any substance containing cellulose can be a tasty meal for these critters. Termites are known to eat through drywall, wooden furniture, and wallpaper. Plus, many homes still have wooden frames that make them a major target for termites. You’d be surprised at termites’ capabilities to find cracks in brick or concrete and make their way into your home.
  2. Myth: It’s easy to tell when a home has a termite infestation.
    Once again, this is a major myth. Termites are silent creatures, and once you spot them on your property, it’s often too late. It takes some time for termites to become visible after an infestation because they usually hide in between small cracks and crevices that are impossible to reach on your own. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your home frequently inspected for signs of termite infestation or damage.
  3. Myth: Homes only need one treatment for effective termite protection.
    Contrary to popular belief, homes need more than one treatment for maximum termite protection. Homes should be inspected annually, and skipping these inspections could be a recipe for disaster. Take the time to have your home inspected each year — you might be surprised at what the exterminator finds.
  4. Myth: Hiring an exterminator isn’t necessary; DIY treatments are a better solution.
    This is an outrageous myth. While attempting some DIY treatments may provide a minimal amount of protection, the only way to fully protect your home is to hire a qualified and reputable exterminator.
    They can inform you of your termite control options and give their honest advice about what the best solution is.

About 20% of homeowners surveyed said termites were their main pest concern, and ultimately, the termite control process is difficult, but manageable. For more information about pest control, contact Pest Control IPM.

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