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Conehead Termites Reinvade South Florida

Up until now, the main termites eating the wood in our homes were subterranean and drywood species.  Subterranean, the more destructive of the two, live in the soil.  Daily, they travel back and forth from their nest to the wood in homes. Drywoods do not live in the soil.  They nest within the wood they eat which is usually doors, frames and furniture.  Both types are rarely seen until they leave their nests to swarm.

Another group, the arboreal termites, build their nests in trees and feed on wood from both trees and homes.  They first entered Florida in 2001 either from the Caribbean or Central/South America.  In 2003 an eradication program took place that was believed to be successful until multiple colonies were recently discovered in Broward County.  Nicknamed the “Conehead” termite because of the shape of its head, this insect is just as destructive as any subterranean and can have an immense economic impact in our area if allowed to spread from its current location.  The state of Florida is planning another eradication program to evict this termite before these occurs.

Unlike the other termite species which are cryptic in nature, Coneheads build large, dark brown nests the size of watermelons in or at the base of trees or shrubs that are highly visible.  If you believe you have encountered an infestation, please call us so we can contact the Florida Department of Plant Industry to aid the state in their efforts to control this pest.

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