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Cold Damage Recovery

The recent winter temperatures were low enough to cause cold injury to our annual flowers and coconut and royal palms. The following information will help produce a more favorable environment for these damaged plants and help aid in their rapid recovery.


Flowers damaged by the cold weather should be sheared to a point below which the damage occurred. After shearing, irrigation is essential to prevent excessive water stress and leaf desiccation. Your irrigation clock should be turned on and set in accordance with County water restrictions. Since weakened or injured plants are more susceptible to disease attack, a preventive fungicide program should be implemented. Two applications of fertilizer/fungicide treatment at 14 day intervals are recommended. Please call us at 278-9071 to receive a quote for these services.


Day after day of cool weather imposes excessive stress on palms which makes their roots incapable of providing nutrients to their buds. Plants are thus rendered vulnerable to disease invasion, which may cause bud collapse when warmer, spring weather arrives. After a cold spell, even those palms which appear undamaged should be sprayed with a micronutrient/fungicide combination. The foliar application of micronutrients can provide nourishment that cold roots cannot, while the fungicide helps fend off potentially lethal secondary infestations. Two applications should be applied at 14 day intervals. To give your palms maximum protection, call use today at 278-9071.

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