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4 Poison-Free Ways to Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Home

Unless you have a mouse or rat as a pet, you likely don’t want rodents in your home. However, just because you don’t want them in your home, that doesn’t mean you want anything bad to happen to them. In one year, a female mouse may have five to 10 litters of usually five or six young each. So, can you imagine all of those mice making a house in your home? Some pest control options out there only use … READ MORE

Debunking Majorly Misleading Mice-Control Myths: Part 2

In the last post, we discussed several misconceptions about rodent control options — specifically, mice. However, being able to handle a mouse infestation requires homeowners to understand which methods will and will not be effective at removing mice from your home. Here are some more mice-control myths that need addressing. “Mice don’t have wings; therefore they cannot reach high places.” Many homeowners are quick to assume that mice can’t reach high places. While it’s obviously true that they don’t have … READ MORE

Debunking Majorly Misleading Mice-Control Myths: Part 1

When it comes to household pest infestations, mice are usually not the first to come to mind. But considering the fact that 82% of U.S. homes were found to contain mouse allergens in a national study, mice problems are far more common than most homeowners might think. Combating a mice infestation requires more than just traps and chemicals — it requires diligence and specialized knowledge. Here are just a few common myths about mice infestations to understand in order to … READ MORE

Mice Infestation Mistakes: 3 Pest Removal Faux Pas To Avoid

Termite and other insect infestations can be gross and can do extensive damage to your home, but mice infestations can be just as hazardous. While animated rodents can be quite cute, if the real ones find their way into your home, they can present a risk to your entire family. Their presence can cause everything disease to electrical fires, which means it’s vital to find a reputable company for pest control in Delray Beach, should you find yourself with a … READ MORE

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem (And What to Do About It)

Even when you live in Florida, winters can get a bit chilly. When temperatures start to drop, pests tend to find refuge in our nice, toasty homes. But while one mouse may not seem like a big issue, it could easily become one. After all, a female mouse may have five to 10 litters (consisting of five to six offspring) in a single year. That means your house could very quickly become infested with rodents. Since rodents carry dangerous bacteria … READ MORE

Rodent Problems

Just about anyone can find themselves with a rodent problem in their home.  Infestations frequently occur by way of the vent pipes which connect the sewer to the roof.  Rats can travel through these pipes and emerge onto the roof top.   Once there they explore the surroundings area for food and ways to access your home.  They can enter through openings as small as one half inch.  It is much easier to control rodents on the outside of your … READ MORE

How to Identify the 3 Most Common Household Rodents in South Florida

There are a number of household rodent control methods that people use to repel unwanted critters from their homes. Peppermint oil, mothballs, and loud noises are some of the most common remedies, but in reality, the only way to deal with these pests are by calling a general household pest control service. In South Florida, there are three common species that invade homes. While they can be hard to distinguish from a quick glance, identifying them beforehand can help your … READ MORE

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