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Canary Island Date Palms

Many Associations choose Canary Island Date Palms to line their entranceways as no other palm provides a more majestic, formal, tropical appearance to a landscape. Although subject to all the major diseases and insect problems in our area, they are generally considered a low maintenance palm. Recent failures however have led to the discussion as to whether or not the costs of these palms are worth the investment. The following items concerning the care of these palms should be adhered … READ MORE

Avoid Nutritional Deficiencies in your Palms

As the summer of 2016 comes to its end, it is surprising to see so many palms in our area showing symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.  Numerous Coconut, Canary Island Date and Roebelenniis are exhibiting potassium, magnesium and manganese deficiencies respectively.  Deficiencies such as these are usually caused by insufficient nutrients in the soil due to the leaching of the fertilizer by rainfall.  However, they can also be caused by applying the wrong type of fertilizer to the palm.  The use … READ MORE

Keep your Adonidia Palms Safe from Roof Rats.

One of the most popular palms we have in our landscapes is the Adonidia.  Also called the Christmas Palm due to its showing display of red fruit during the holiday season, it is a small palm with a neat and formal appearance.  Although a single stemmed palm, many nurseries grow three in a single container and sell them as multiple stem species. During the spring of the year many of us have awakened to find a previous healthy palm with … READ MORE

Keep Your Palm Trees Growing in Florida Weather

Many of the palms we have in our yards are not native to Florida.  Queen palms originate from Brazil, arecas from Madagascar and adonidias are from the Philippines.  In order for them to thrive in our hot, rainy climate and sandy, nutrient-poor soil they must be frequently fertilized.  Since palms grow their fastest during the summer months, a good time to fertilize them is in late Spring.  This will ensure the nutrients they need are available to them prior to … READ MORE

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