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When Trees Get Trumped

Many Associations choose Canary Island Date Palms to line their entranceways as no other palm provides a more majestic, formal, tropical appearance to a landscape. Although subject to all the major diseases and insect problems in our area, they are generally considered a low maintenance palm. Recent failures however have led to the discussion as to whether or not the costs of these palms are worth the investment. The following items concerning the care of these palms should be adhered … READ MORE

Our Changing Landscape

Ben Franklin wrote “In this world nothing is said to be certain except death & taxes”.  In regards to plant life, although the proverb applies only to the former, it appears to do so in South Florida with extreme prejudice. In the 1970’s “Jamaica Tall” coconuts lined many of our streets and schefflera trees could be found in just about everyone’s yard.  By the 1980’s most of the Jamaica Talls were gone having succumbed to lethal yellowing disease and the … READ MORE

Keep Your Palm Trees Growing in Florida Weather

Many of the palms we have in our yards are not native to Florida.  Queen palms originate from Brazil, arecas from Madagascar and adonidias are from the Philippines.  In order for them to thrive in our hot, rainy climate and sandy, nutrient-poor soil they must be frequently fertilized.  Since palms grow their fastest during the summer months, a good time to fertilize them is in late Spring.  This will ensure the nutrients they need are available to them prior to … READ MORE

Cold Damage Recovery

The recent winter temperatures were low enough to cause cold injury to our annual flowers and coconut and royal palms. The following information will help produce a more favorable environment for these damaged plants and help aid in their rapid recovery. Flowers: Flowers damaged by the cold weather should be sheared to a point below which the damage occurred. After shearing, irrigation is essential to prevent excessive water stress and leaf desiccation. Your irrigation clock should be turned on and … READ MORE

Planting Tip:Plumbagos

Plumbagos are evergreen shrubs known for their prolific light blue flowers. Althouth they are becoming one of the most widely used flowering shrubs in Palm Beach County, they are high maintenance and short lived (3-5 years). Plumbagos do not like our hot, rainy weather and typically have yellowing leaves, loss of flowers and a weedy look toward the end of summer. They also decline from being over watered and are subject to attack by insects and diseases. Their interior canopy … READ MORE

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