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Vault Fumigation

Drywood termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year. In our area many homeowners have wooden tables, chairs, wall units, cabinets, picture frames and doors that become infested with these termites. These insects live within these items and damage them by their tunneling and consuming their wood. When termite colonies mature, winged male and female termites (alates) leave the wood and swarm. They shed their wings, pair up and find another suitable place within your home … READ MORE


Although no longer headline news, Bed Bugs continue to increase worldwide. Infestations have been reported in every major city in the United States and the problem is spreading into our suburbs. They are most frequently found in highly populated areas and are associated with poverty, not because of hygiene, but because this segment of society does not have the funds to address the problem. People who travel internationally and are exposed to public areas such as hotels, and mass transportation … READ MORE

Are bed bugs here to stay?

Ten years ago few homeowners worried about bedbugs believing them to be a pest from the past. The recent resurgence of these biting insects may be attributed to an increase in international travel, the elimination of highly effective pesticides from the market, the insects’ resistance to newer pesticides and the environmentally friendly way pest control companies now apply chemicals. Controlling bedbugs is difficult. They multiple quickly and often go unnoticed until they begin to bite. They hide in items such … READ MORE

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