Boca Raton Pest Control

Southern Florida has a beautiful climate, comfortable for residents, tourists, and an abundance of wildlife. Unfortunately, sometimes wildlife oversteps its boundaries.

And in Boca Raton, pest control is a major issue. Termites, rodents, bugs, spiders, snakes, and even plants can overwhelm your home with a massive infestation, which is both irritating, costly, and dangerous. That’s why proactive pest control in Boca Raton is so important. Whether it’s your home, business, or another type of property, Florida pests can cause structural damage that puts both yourself and those you care for at risk. Even worse, some exterminators will compound that danger by blanket spraying your property with dangerous chemicals.

IPM Pest Control in Boca Raton only uses the most environmentally friendly pest control methods, and only uses pesticides as needed in the most at-risk areas of your property. Instead of blindly coating your property and yard with pesticides that could be potentially harmful for other organisms — like your pets, your children, or your customers — we choose to preserve your property and only target the pests themselves.

Preventative Boca Raton Pest Control

While all cases are different, if you have the right team on hand, you’ll get the peace of mind that you need and deserve. Having IPM experts inspect and treat your property before an infestation will ensure that your home is protected for years to come. South Florida is home to a number of native and invasive pests like subterranean termites, fire ants and crazy ants, stinging insects like bees and wasps, spiders, rodents, and more.

Call us today for a free consultation and find out how you can prevent these pests from invading your property, causing thousands of dollars in damage in the process.

Help! I already have pests. How does the extermination process work?

The first thing that we will do is evaluate the area. It’s important for your property to be safe and secure. During the evaluation, we may be able to identify possible causes of invasion and the best ways to eradicate them for good.

Entry points like windows and doors, leaks, cracks in your foundation and siding, and other damaged areas of your home should be of utmost concern. Without secured entry points, these creatures are welcome to wander into your home unannounced. By identifying these points of entry, our pest control company can have them filled and repaired to prevent future re-entry.

However, some insects, like termites, are able to enter the home anyway. If you’ve spotted even just a few termites or ants inside your home, you’ll have a full-blown colony in no time. A single ant colony can hold millions of insects, and termites are especially dangerous. Getting rid of termites in Boca Raton isn’t a DIY job, you need to call in a professional.

At the first sign of pests on or near your property, you should assume the worst and call for top-rated pest control in Boca Raton. IPM Pest Control will eliminate the pests causing you stress and make sure they don’t come back in the months and years to come.

What if the problem persists?

Once the pest problem has been resolved, it is important that pest monitoring and prevention techniques are put in place. Once we’ve gotten rid of a pest once, our goal is always to make sure that they do not come back. Our team will be on-call for you at the first sign of trouble.

Over the years, our knowledgeable team has perfected the science of eradicating Florida’s most stubborn pests. Our Boca Raton pest control experts are members of professional groups like the Florida Pest Management Association, the National Pest Management Association, Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida, the International Society of Arboriculture, International Palm Society, and more. Not only that, but our managers inspect your property to verify that all applications are successful.

Our Boca Raton pest control company has served thousands of clients throughout Palm Beach county. When you’re looking for the best pest control Boca Raton, FL, has to offer, it’s time to call IPM.

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