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Are Termites Active in the Winter?

termite infestation controlIn Florida’s warm climate, termites can appear year round. While termites typically burrow underground during the colder months of the year, Florida is warm enough to keep termites happy in residential homes. And since a queen termite can lay up to 40,000 eggs in a single day, termite infestation control is extremely important — especially in warm climates where they are most active.

Even so, spring and summer are when most insects, including termites, are most active. But if you happen to spot any of these signs of infestation, you should call a termite or pest control service immediately:

Discarded Wings
Termites break off their wings when it is time to leave the nest and start a new colony, since they intend to stay where they are. This means that you can’t just shoo them away like a fly or bumble bee. If you find discarded wings, this means that the termites are colonizing and have likely started reproducing.

Mud Tubes or Tunnels
An unmistakable sign of a need for termite control, mud tubes are used by termites to block out cool dry air. That’s why they are still active in the winter. Even if the termites were exposed to unusually cold weather, they are still able to withstand bitter cold by creating these tubes. You can find them just about anywhere, but they will most likely appear in and around your home’s foundation, since it is closest to their nest.

Damaged Wood
Of course, termites feed on wood. Whether you have found visible holes in your floorboards, siding, support beams, furniture, or have even noticed that your walls and floors have sounded more hollow recently, you very well may have termites. It’s very important to address this right away and begin evaluating your termite control options to prevent further structural damage that will not only take a toll on your wallet, but is also a huge hazard.

IPM is a pest control solutions service that specializes in eliminating all of Florida’s unwanted home visitors. If you need termite infestation control services, winter may be the best time to do it, since it’s likely that your colony hasn’t strayed too far from the nest.

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