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Are bed bugs here to stay?

bug2Ten years ago few homeowners worried about bedbugs believing them to be a pest from the past. The recent resurgence of these biting insects may be attributed to an increase in international travel, the elimination of highly effective pesticides from the market, the insects’ resistance to newer pesticides and the environmentally friendly way pest control companies now apply chemicals.

Controlling bedbugs is difficult. They multiple quickly and often go unnoticed until they begin to bite. They hide in items such as clothing, mattresses and luggage in which owners would rather not have treated with pesticides. No single pesticide treatment will control a home infested with bedbugs. Rather, a control program consisting of a combination of heat, steam, sterilization and pesticide treatments will be needed.

IPM, Inc. offers sterilization of luggage and clothing for owners returning from trips but prior to them bringing these items into their home; home inspections with monitoring devices for owners who want to assure themselves that their home does not have bedbugs; and a combination of heat, steam and pesticide treatments for infested homes.

Zero tolerance of the insect by homeowners makes it a challenging problem for the pest control industry. Although the industry will continue to devise ways to control the insect, don’t expect bedbugs to go away anytime soon.

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