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7 Easy Tricks to Rid Your Home of Termites

pest control serviceTermites are some of the most common home pests nationwide. There are some species — like subterranean termites — that affect just about every area of the continent United States. But drywood termites are much more active in southern states, like Florida.

Approximately 20% of homeowners find termites to be their main concern, and for good reason. Termites can be extremely destructive. If you have noticed hollow-sounding wood in your home, cracked or distorted paint, mud-like smears or tubes on your interior walls, swarms of insects or discarded wings, or wood-colored droppings, then you may have a termite infestation.

There are a number of termite control options that you can choose from. Here are some household pest control tips to help you manage your termite problem.

  1. Exposure to extreme temperatures
    Termites cannot survive either very hot or very cold temperatures but that doesn’t mean changing the temperature on your thermostat will kill them. Termites will die when exposed to temperatures above 140 degrees and below -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Boric acid
    Boric acid is a weak acid usually made from borax. It’s also a popular insecticide. When mixed with water and brushed onto the affected surface, the acid will likely damage termites’ nervous systems, killing them.It is advised that anyone who uses boric acid wear gloves and masks. Although the acid is weak, it is still very dangerous if handled or inhaled by humans.
  3. Cardboard traps
    Not only are termites attracted to wood, but they are also attracted to paper products. Cardboard traps may be able to lure the termites to a certain area, but it’s not a foolproof method. There is no guarantee that the termites will be baited by the cardboard.
  4. White vinegar
    It’s been found that spraying untreated wood with white vinegar will deter termites after approximately eight days. It works, but is not very effective or time efficient.
  5. Canola oil
    An experiment showed that a glass container of canola oil and water killed termites when they were dropped in. However, the mixture does not attract termites and applying the substance to affected work, especially floors, can be dangerous.
  6. Aloe vera
    Did you know that you can crush an entire aloe plant for its gel and combine with water overnight to make an effective solution? Put it in a spray bottle and spritz over affected wood.
  7. Hire a house call pest control service
    While some household pest control tips can be effective, they can’t guarantee results. Many of them take far too long to be effective, are impractical, or pose other dangers for the homeowners. Instead of taking these household pest control tips seriously, hire a termite control professional.

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