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6 Common Pests in Florida

pest control serviceIn Florida, we’re used to seeing all sorts of creatures. Whether or not we consider them to be pests depends on how impactful they are on our daily lives. Many of the following animals and insects help our environment, but in many cases, they can be nuisances.

If you have any of these pests in your home, you’re certainly not the only one in the state. Here are some of the most common pests in Florida:

  1. Fire Ants
    An invasive species, fire ants often form mounds in back yards. If these mounds are disturbed, fire ants will not hesitate to sting. Their venom causes the skin to swell into a bump and become engorged. The stings can be extremely painful and irritating, and can become easily infected if they are scratched.
  2. Rodents
    Mice and rats are the most common rodents that invade human homes. While they are likely harmless on their own, they can spread diseases or other pests along with them. Rodent control plans can be tricky because rodents reproduce very quickly. In just one year, a female mouse may birth 10 litters of roughly six babies in each. If you have just one mouse, it won’t be long until you have others.
  3. Termites
    Another invasive species, termites came to Florida in the late 20th century. There are thousands of known termite species, which are mostly all identified by their destructive behaviors. Termites in Florida will take shelter in the siding and floors of you home. In just three months, a group of termites can destroy an entire wooden structure. Termite pest control services can be tricky. Termites often go undetected until a structural collapse. As far as termite control processes go, it’s best to address the problem immediately no matter how seemingly small the damages are.
  4. Spiders
    While most spiders are harmless towards humans, when threatened, they can become aggressive. In Florida, some of the common invasive spiders to be on the lookout for are the Wolf Spider, which eats other insects and pests as food; the Brown Recluse spider, which is mostly found lurking around the Florida panhandle and is not known for biting humans. However, the Brown Recluse’s venom is potent and can be dangerous. The last spider is one of the most dangerous: the Black Widow. This spider is distinctive, with a plump, black abdomen that often has a reddish hourglass-shaped design on its back. Only female Black Widow bites are dangerous to humans. While they usually try to keep their distance, their venom can be lethal.
  5. Ticks
    Ticks, which are known to spread disease, are extremely common among wooded areas. They are parasitic, meaning that they need to feed off of a host to survive. While ticks do bite humans, it is more likely that you will find a tick on your dog before yourself. Ticks can still transfer hosts, though. Wear long sleeves and pants if you go out into the forest.
  6. Cockroaches
    Cockroaches thrive in areas above 70 degrees. While they are much more prevalent in the summertime, roaches can bake their way into human homes when the weather cools down, as they seek out warmer weather.

Just because pests are common does not mean that you have to put up with them. IMP is a full pest control service and can help you take care of any pest problem immediately with humane treatment.

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