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5 Natural Ant Control Solutions That Just Don’t Work

household pest control methodsWhen it comes to general household pest control methods, many people want to try natural remedies as opposed to the more intensive pest control solutions. While some natural remedies may provide some relief, most of the time, it isn’t enough to rid the house of the pest entirely. This is especially true when it comes to ants. Scientists estimate there are at least 1.5 million ants on the planet for every human being, and once they make their way into a home, they can become almost impossible to remove. Here are some common DIY ant removal methods that simply don’t work.

  1. Black Pepper:
    Many homeowners have claimed that black pepper is a natural and cheap ant poison. In reality, sprinkling some black pepper around ants can kill off a few, but it won’t kill off the whole colony, so the ants will keep coming back in search of food.
  2. Peppermint Oil:
    Peppermint oil is said by some to be a good solution, but only if there are just a few ants inside your home. The oil is used to remove the scents left by other ants. The best time to use this technique is if ants are entering your home from only one place, but that’s rarely the case.
  3. Dish Soap:
    Some people have claimed to have gotten some success upon implementation of this method, but the fact is, it just removes the scent trails left by ants. Ants will hate the smell of this solution, but it doesn’t mean they’ll disappear permanently. You may have some luck with this method, but it’s only temporary, and ants will probably return before you know it.
  4. Vinegar:
    Many people have recommended the use of white or apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle as a defense against ant infestations. Again, the problem with this method is that it only works on a small scale. If you have a larger problem with ants in your home, this method isn’t for you.
  5. Borax Bait:
    Finally, one of the most unusual natural household pest control tips involves mixing borax with something sweet, like peanut butter or sugar, to attract and subsequently kill ants. But once again, it won’t work on an entire colony. Aside from that, this isn’t really a ‘natural’ method since borax is poison and not safe to use around children or pets, so it’s probably better to avoid this method entirely.

Ultimately, these household pest control methods are generally not successful because they don’t target the whole colony. That’s why you should always contact a professional pest control service to properly evaluate your home and determine the best option for infestation removal. For more information about household pest control methods, contact Pest Control IPM.

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