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4 Common Pest Control Scams and How to Avoid Falling for Them

pest control serviceIt’s almost guaranteed that at some point in your life, you’ll need to hire a pest control service to help you exterminate your unwanted home guests. In Florida, this is especially common. the Sunshine State is home to lots of critters and creepy crawlers that want to bunk with you whether you want them to or not.

While you’re probably desperate to get the vermin out of your home or off of your property, some exterminators will give you the short end of the stick, overcharge, and underperform. This is why, when the time comes, you need to find a reputable pest control agency. Here are four common pest control service scams to watch out for:

Watch out for “licensed” companies
This may seem counterintuitive. Of course, you want a licensed company. But the thing is, every state’s pest control laws are a little different. While one licensed technician may come to your home and evaluate the extent of your problem, they may hold a license for extermination. But when time comes for the company to return and take care of the problem, another employee may arrive.

While the first technician was certified, it is often this technician who trains other employees. They are often not certified exterminators. Even if they sport a company uniform and drive a company vehicle, that doesn’t mean that they’re fully able to take care of your infestation.

No matter what, always ask to see a license to exterminate before allowing someone to spray pesticides in your home.

Beware of free inspections
Free inspections sound well-intended. What may seem like a basic evaluation can easily turn into a giant ordeal. Suddenly, the technician may say that you need bed bug or termite control services. It isn’t uncommon for these “professionals” to even bring a few dead bugs or rodents to convince you of a non-existent problem. In fact, it’s estimated that the U.S. spends $2 billion preventing termite infestations, while many of these termite cases have been made up.

If someone has sprung this surprise on you, always pay for a second opinion.

Don’t fall for contracts
At first, all may seem well. You’ve contacted a reputable bug and rodent control service, gotten an estimate, and they’ve done the job on schedule. But once the technician is done spraying, they may say that the only way to guarantee a pest-free home is to have them come in regularly over the next year or so to continue spraying. At the end of the year, they may say that there are still more bugs, forcing you to renew.

It’s easy to feel the pressure of these self-renewing contracts, even if you are not forced to sign, per se. To treat most infestations, you should only need one bout of eradication.

Don’t let the exterminator put in half-effort
Bed bugs are a common pest these days, especially in cities. While getting rid of bed bugs can take some time, exterminators will sometimes take advantage of their customers and say that they can get the job done quickly with the help of unapproved methods.

It’s been shown that bed bugs, larvae, and eggs will die when exposed to heat over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. But instead of using the proper heating methods, a pest control service may use space heaters instead. When this method is used, it is easy for bed bugs to migrate toward cooler areas of your home, like crawlspaces and basements, and you’ll find them once again once the exterminator leaves.

Don’t fall for any of these scams. Instead, call IPM for all of you pest control services.

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