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The 3 Tiers of Rodent Removal

pest control solutionsDid you know that in one year, a female mouse could give birth between five and 10 times? Not only that, she usually will give birth to five or six young every time. So, if you have a mouse in your house and it is an unwelcome guest, you need to start considering some pest control solutions. Specifically, the right rodent control methods for dealing with your specific unwanted guests.

Rodent Control Methods
If you have ever had a mouse in your house, you know the havoc they can wreak upon your pantry, not to mention how unsanitary they can be. Here are the best ways to prevent and remove rats and mice.

  1. Seal The Gates!
    The best way to control pests is by not letting them get inside in the first place. Any cracks in your foundations, doors left open, holes in your walls, or rips in window screens provide perfect opportunities for rodents to migrate their lives into your home. They will find you fully stocked with food that could last them a lifetime.
  2. It’s a Trap!
    If your preventative measures have failed, you need to up the ante. Traps are one of the most common methods of tricking rodents into their own demise. This method is especially effective for a small infestation, but more populated rodent families might become wary and learn to avoid your tricks.
  3. Take The Bait
    Baiting your rodent settlers is a more advanced method, but is quite effective. If you find yourself fighting a colony of cheese thieving mice, make sure you are ready to use the proper tools. Bait that has been tainted with rodenticide is excellent for dealing with larger infestations, but if you’re in a house with children or pets, it is a good idea to consult pest control services for professional help.

In the end, your most effective pest control solutions will be decided by the situation. That said, the best pest control is prevention. If there’s no mouse in your house, you never need to resort to trapping or baiting. If you do find yourself in a losing battle against rodent kind, call for reinforcements and consult an exterminator today.

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