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Keeping Stink Bugs At Bay Before They Stay

exterminatorWe’ve all been there. As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, all manner of creepy crawling creatures are looking for shelter from the elements. During autumn and winter, some of the most invasive insects are stink bugs. About 15% of new homes all have some manner of structural defect, most of which can’t be seen. Insects are small and clever; they come in droves and use these defects to weasel their way into your homes.

While professional pest control services are the most thorough, there are ways to keep stink bugs away before having to call the exterminator. Follow these easy household pest control tips and you’ll bar those stinky pests (among others) from your abode.

Seal Your Entires (All Of Them)
Stink bugs are wily. They get into the tiniest places and suddenly there’s a swarm of them buzzing happily around your house. Any exterior cracks or holes, no matter how seemingly insignificant, should be properly sealed. The same goes for windows, doors, screens, etc. These are the easiest entry point for stink bugs because they’re so frequently used and are damaged with relative ease and little attention is paid to repair. Keep an eye on your human (and pet) entryways to be sure you’re not providing doors for tinier pests.

They Love Warmth
Stink bugs are only there because they want to survive the winter by mooching off the warmth of your home. As autumn grows cooler and the days shorter, you’ll notice them gathering on exterior walls with decent sun exposure, keeping them warm. From there, they try to slip between the siding gaps and live in your walls. Exterior lights at night are another magnet for errant stink bugs, who camp out overnight by them and slip inside when your doors are opening and closing. Clever buggers, they are.

You Probably Won’t Get Them All
Most exterminators will tell you not to worry about them too much (and they’re right), stink bugs are not poisonous, don’t carry disease, and generally keep to themselves. In great numbers they can be a nuisance and their¬†stink bug¬†nickname speaks the truth. When threatened by predators, scared, or squished, they release a rather unpleasant scent. Keep your eyes open for their arrival before these stinky freeloaders have a free place to stay in your house for the winter.

You can definitely be infested and overrun by them, so if your case isn’t manageable or you weren’t prepared before hundreds of them decided to show up, let your exterminator deal with it. These types of pest control services are incredibly common, safe, and won’t take much time. Of course, there are ways to avoid it all together. Keep those impudent insects at bay beforehand and you’ll find your holiday celebration smelling sweet.

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