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How to Identify the 3 Most Common Household Rodents in South Florida

There are a number of household rodent control methods that people use to repel unwanted critters from their homes. Peppermint oil, mothballs, and loud noises are some of the most common remedies, but in reality, the only way to deal with these pests are by calling a general household pest control service. In South Florida, there are three common species that invade homes. While they can be hard to distinguish from a quick glance, identifying them beforehand can help your … READ MORE

Keep your Adonidia Palms Safe from Roof Rats.

One of the most popular palms we have in our landscapes is the Adonidia.  Also called the Christmas Palm due to its showing display of red fruit during the holiday season, it is a small palm with a neat and formal appearance.  Although a single stemmed palm, many nurseries grow three in a single container and sell them as multiple stem species. During the spring of the year many of us have awakened to find a previous healthy palm with … READ MORE

Top Pest Control Safety Tips For Your Home

No matter how tidy your home is, chances are that you will have to deal with household pests at some point. Although most are isolated incidents, rodents and insect infestations can potentially cause serious damage to your home. And if you believe that’s a concern only for those who own older homes, think again. An estimated 15% of all new homes have serious structural damages and defects, which may include damage from termites and other pests. Not only can these … READ MORE

Keep Your Palm Trees Growing in Florida Weather

Many of the palms we have in our yards are not native to Florida.  Queen palms originate from Brazil, arecas from Madagascar and adonidias are from the Philippines.  In order for them to thrive in our hot, rainy climate and sandy, nutrient-poor soil they must be frequently fertilized.  Since palms grow their fastest during the summer months, a good time to fertilize them is in late Spring.  This will ensure the nutrients they need are available to them prior to … READ MORE

Come Back to a House Free of Pests

It is not unusual for homeowners to go away on a summer vacation and return to find roaches in their home. Usually this is because the water in the traps beneath their kitchen and bathroom sinks has evaporated and allowed these insects to travel up through the sewer pipes into the home. Prior to leaving for a vacation you should flush your toilets and turn your sink faucets on for 30 seconds or so to recharge the water in these … READ MORE

What You Don’t Know About Fire Ants CAN Hurt You (And Will Be Very Itchy!)

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Here is the terrifying truth: scientists estimate that there are at least 1.5 million ants for every human being on earth. Okay, now close your eyes, shake off that icky sensation that a million and a half tiny bugs are crawling up and down your back, and keep reading to the end. You’ll be glad you did. Fire ants currently infest 14 states in the southern portion of the U.S., and while 20% of homeowners say that termite infestation is … READ MORE

How to Prevent and Control Termite Infestations

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Your house experiences a lot of wear and tear over the years. From windstorms to heavy rain, a number of offenders can wreak havoc on your home at any time. One small — but vicious abuser — is often hidden from view, eating away at your home’s foundation from underground or inside the walls. This malevolent menace is the termite, and when termites attack, they leave destruction in their wake. How can I prevent termite infestations? Block access: Seal any … READ MORE


Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control, although important, represents only a single component of what is required to have a beautiful yard. Choosing the right plant for the right location and knowing how to fertilize, prune and irrigate such material is also required to produce such a landscape. Many homeowners employ small sized companies to maintain their yards. Although they may do a very good job of mowing and weeding, few are schooled or licensed as arborists, irrigation contractors or turfgrass … READ MORE

Hiring a Pest Control Service

There are numerous companies offering pest control services in our area. So how do customers know how to select the best one for their needs? And as President of one of these companies how do I distinguish us from the rest of the pack? We all drive the same vehicles, use the same equipment, and purchase the same chemicals. The larger firms advertise on TV, while most of us have websites, advertise in the yellow pages and do direct mailings. … READ MORE


Although no longer headline news, Bed Bugs continue to increase worldwide. Infestations have been reported in every major city in the United States and the problem is spreading into our suburbs. They are most frequently found in highly populated areas and are associated with poverty, not because of hygiene, but because this segment of society does not have the funds to address the problem. People who travel internationally and are exposed to public areas such as hotels, and mass transportation … READ MORE

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